A standard navigation bar is created with <nav class="navbar navbar-default">.

Just change the .navbar-default class into .navbar-inverse:

The following example adds a dropdown menu for the "Page 1" button:

The .navbar-right class is used to right-align navigation bar buttons.

To add buttons inside the navbar, add the .navbar-btn class on a Bootstrap button:

To add form elements inside the navbar, add the .navbar-form class to a form element and add an input(s). Note that we have added a .form-group class to the div container holding the input. This adds proper padding if you have more than one inputs (you will learn more about this in the Forms chapter).

You can also use the .input-group and .input-group-addon classes to attach an icon or help text next to the input field. You will learn more about these classes in the Bootstrap Inputs chapter.

Use the .navbar-text class to vertical align any elements inside the navbar that are not links (ensures proper padding and text color).

The .navbar-fixed-bottom class makes the navigation bar stay at the bottom: